Deck anti meta 2014 ygopro for mac

Volcanics are pretty much the best rogue strategy right now imo the deck generates advantage and speeds through its deck at an impressive rate thanks to reload, duality, magic planter, reckless greed, royal firestorm guards etc. The best thing about this deck is the easy summoning of the blueeyes white dragons through the effect of the ancient rules spell cards and also the easy summon of the fusion monsters with the effect of the dragons mirror spell card. With a deck like that, the deck pilot doesnt care about discard your hand drawbacks. Hearthstone meta tier list the best standard meta decks ashes of outland may 2020 by. Im able to access the menu screen, look at the decks in editor, go up against the ai, and i went into the lobby to host a game though when i set it up and hit host nothing happened and i had to close out. Being able to trigger any metaphys from the deck for their banish effect is. A handful of monsters that are to be normal summoned and a sheitload of spells and traps. Wiki is a free repository on all aspects of the yugioh. Youd think a film that was 70% laughing and dancing would be more upbeat, but its really a. Make a deck for them to use and make this deck and test it like that. See end video for deck profile best yosenju otk meta deck in action, banlist updated. Note do not worry about anti decking as this is a character based deck event so very minimum anti decking is possible no side decks allowed. Ygo state championship north carolina aug 2014 placed. See more of ygopro the dawn of a new era on facebook.

Well, this is the spellcaster deck for ygopro, the best yugioh. Honest game trailers recounts the stiff combat and even stiffer dialogue of a game straight out of the 90s. It is the twentyninth deck in the tcgs structure deck series, following geargia rampage structure deck. We saw earlier that youri lansman won the first wcq. Antimeta deck april 2005 yugioh tcg miscellaneous deck discussions forums. Ygopro the dawn of a new era mac os x edition has been released, it can be downloaded here.

Deck yu gi oh heros elementaire a acheter elemental hero. During the battle city arc and subsequent arcs, more cards were introduced, such as dark magician girl. August 2014 ygo state championship north carolina antimeta beatdown. Ygopro crashes on mac when trying to find certain cards. Weve been around since may 26, 2005 and in that time weve assembled a lot of information about the cards and other aspects of the yugioh. Replay system ygopro 2 replays never crash including old ones, can convert to ygopro 1 replay, can play ygopro 1 replay 3d animations for attacks, summons, and other miscellaneous can be toggled onoff ability to look at graveyard, banished zone, and extra deck at any time.

Ok guys here we will be building the antimeta deck for the current format. Buy this deck on download deck for ygopro import decklist into yugioh deck builder. Antimeta beatdown by darius mcgee yugioh top decks. When i used it on ygopro the banish effect was so useful in hitting. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. February 2015 best 10 decks ygopro the dawn of a new. This antimeta barrier statue deck made the top 8 last weekend at the venezuelan.

Shinra spiritree regia x 3 shinra treefender oark x 2 shinra knightcissus x 3 shinra leaflow x 3 lonefire blossom x 1 dandylion x 1 plaguespreader zombie x 2 for putting cards back on top of the deck, and for synchro summoning shinra stoolhouette x 3 shinra peaskeeper x 3 magical merchant x 3 for revealing and sendingspeed copy plant x 2. Card of demise the return of the classic antimeta deck. Ygopro salvation server the edge version of devpro using the ygopro engine an automated dueling system. Yugioh legendary decks thank you guys for tuning into. If your deck is not meta then u will win bonus diamond if u win. Antimeta stun 2015 constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. The next deck in the ygopro series is a modification of the kaiba starter deck. Laden sie auch kostenlos dateien hoch mit file upload. This is a beta release of ygopro with support for master rule 4 aka new master rules. Making this with those means a monster steal non targetavoids all. Striker x3 cyberstein x3 red resonator x3 maxx c x3 plaguespreader zombie x3. Unlike ygopro, dueling nexus is supported on windows, mac, android and many other operating systems the legendary decks ii will feature a trio of 43card preconstructed decks.

In addition to the three decks, each legendary decks ii boxed set will include three new secret rare cards designed to. We have a lot of filters to allow you to quickly search for the cards you need to use. Opressive anti meta forum jump ygopro news and announcements website discussion ygopro ygopro discussion support and feedback card rulings and card bugs anime cards beta cards projects card scripts duels ai section mobile android support and feedback ios support and feedback yugioh. In this article, ill explain how to deal with the rest of the meta when playing as qliphort, as well as how to deal with and side deck for qliphort when playing any other deck. An antimeta deck is any deck that is built to counteract the most popular decks being played. When i try to edit my deck and try t find certain cards like the new star grail, the app just crashes. Todays meta discussion will be somewhat of a continuation of yesterdays deck profile on the new qliphort archetype.

Visit the news section for dates of upcoming yugioh. Yosenjus still the best antimeta deck yugioh tcg advanced deck discussions. Create a profile and enter the data corresponding to your deck settings. Its engineered to take down shaddolls, burning abyss, and qliphorts. The links wont place into my extra deck they only go into my main deck. Hearthstone top decks the best hearthstone decks in the. I am also fine with playing a more controlly deckanti meta deck because i realize that spam decks typically are outclassed by the newest spam deck from the latest sets. Monster 3d projections scaleable ui card pictures, field, etc. Go into one of the deck, click clear, then change the deck to. I looked around and most people say to make sure you have a deck folder in the ygopro folder. This antimeta deck is an update of the classic antimeta deck, with cards like raioh, banisher of radiance, etc.

Also, you still have dark paladin and magician of black chaos on the bench and they both summoned by playing only one spell card. Engage in individual duels with other players and automatically update the results based on wins and losses, gains, and trophies. For anyone new to our website, ygopro the dawn of a new era tdoane is an automatic, free to play yugioh. In addition, the blizzard princess is easy to summon, as the silent magician lv8 is, two very powerful monster this deck has. The base idea from metatron is to focus around closing. Burakku majishan in japanese, is an archetype that has been a part of the yugioh. Anti meta stun constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. Features a deck builder, price checker and hundreds of yugioh.

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